Graphic Design

Museo Encantado. La Máquina de Gadalka

In the realm of the mystical and fascinating, the «Museo Encantado – La Máquina de Gadalka» emerges as a return to the nostalgic machines of geniuses like the iconic Great Zoltar. Inside an enchanted cabin, a mechanised figure awaits the insertion of a coin to unfold its mysteries to the spectators. This attraction, the fruit of Dani García’s creative mind, evokes that magical encounter between the inanimate and the spiritual.

The promotion of such a show requires visual material to match its charm, and so I have worked to create not only a poster that captures the essence of this attraction, but also a detailed dossier that immerses the viewer in the heart of the experience.

The Poster

First impressions are essential. I have captured the intrigue and wonder inherent in the performance through visuals that incite exploration. This work, shortlisted at the finalist stage, functions not only as an advertisement but also as an invitation into a realm where magic is real and tangible.

The Dossier

The dossier is more than just informative; it is a journey in itself. Upon opening it, one is drawn into a visual narrative that explains the act, detailing the depth and complexity behind the «Museo Encantado» experience. Each page is meticulously crafted, blending text and image to guide the reader through the veil that separates the everyday from the enchanted.

Creation Tools

To realise this artistic vision, cutting-edge graphic design tools such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop have been employed. These platforms have allowed the design to reach new levels of precision and beauty, culminating in promotional material that is not only informative.

The end result is a synergy between marketing and art; the promise of an unforgettable show encapsulated in paper and ink. The «Enchanted Museum – Gadalka’s Machine» and its staging benefit enormously from these materials, which do not hesitate to spark curiosity and wonder in all who behold them.